Strange! The referee said he would not give Valencia a Red Card from Mourinho Want to Do It

Strange! The referee said he would not give Valencia a Red Card from Mourinho Want to Do It

Jose Mourinho admitted he let Antonio Valencia at the referee referee from the field despite having a chance to replace him so he did not get a red card against Real Salt (17/7).

Valencia got a red card against Real Salt Lake City yesterday (17/7) after tackling Sebastian Saucedo from behind which makes the player must leave the field with a stick.

Before giving a red card to Valencia the referee who led the Allen Chapman match approached Jose Mourinho when Saucedo was receiving medical treatment midway through the second half and told Mou to replace him or he would be red-carded.

Although only in pre-season match referee step many considered weird because it is not in accordance with the “rules of the game”.

Mourinho values ​​Saucedo overplay

Mourinho himself refused the referee’s request to replace Valencia. He said: “The referee asked me to change players and I did not because I disagreed with the red card because I think Saucedo is really aggressive in the second half,” quoted from The Sun (17/7).

“Some of his actions are dangerous.”

“This is an enthusiastic player playing against Manchester United, but it’s a friendly and this is mentally different. But, it’s pre season, so it does not matter, ”

“It’s a great experience for us to play with less than one player.”

Goal Lukaku not important for Mourinho

Previously Saucedo had been playing roughly on Juan Mata to make this midfielder collapsed on the pitch and he would not play against Manchester City in Houston on Thursday (20/7) because his ankle sprained after the tackle.

Mourinho said: “The ankles are swollen eyes, but I hope this is not serious. A few days or maybe a week, ”

Romelu Lukaku scored his debut goal in this match which gave a 2-1 win for Manchester United.

Mourinho said: “I think that’s good for him, it does not matter to me.”

“Before he scored I told him: I love everything you do on the pitch. Do not worry about scoring goals or not scoring goals. “

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