Benitez Already Contact Wenger Related Lucas Perez


Benitez Already Contact Wenger Related Lucas Perez

Newcastle United coach, Rafael Benitez make sure he has a brief discussion with Arsene Wenger in order to bring Lucas Perez this summer.

Since the arrival of the Gunners from Deportivo La Coruna last season the Spaniard was completely ruled out by Arsene where skimpy play in the main squad and frustrated him.

However, a number of clubs are now willing to accommodate him and one of the The Magpies and Rafa who is now 57-year-old confirmed it had intertwined communication recently. However, the club that has just returned to Premier League promotion seems only want to do the loan, the article is too expensive price of £ 14 million Lucas.

“I said: ‘With, we have to talk’,” Rafael Benitez told the media.

“And he said: ‘Do you have enough money?’.

“Of course we’re such good players, but it’s too early to talk about it.”

Inter Meet Agent Kondogbia

Inter Meet Agent Kondogbia

Inter have met with agent Geoffrey Kondogbia today, which is where the player also gets an offer from Spanish side Valencia Bandar Bola.

The French midfielder joined the Nerazzurri in the summer of 2015 at a cost of 31 million euros, but he has yet to show his highest ability at the San Siro.

Therefore, they expect to release Kondogbia this summer, and Valencia offers a loan with an option of 20 million Euros to buy.

But apparently that is far from the price demanded by Beneamata ie the same figure 30 million Euros.

Therefore Luciano Spalletti’s club had a meeting with Paolo Schiavone as the agent representing the player along with his brother.

According to the media, it is made clear that if Valencia gives a high price offer then it will ensure the transfer goes well and goes to agreement.

Ezra Walian Selects at West Ham

Ezra Walian Selects at West Ham

Ezra Walian certainly can not follow the training camp of national team U-22 Indonesia on Monday (07/08/2017) at 16.00 pm.

That’s because the naturalized Dutch attacker is currently undergoing a trial in England.

“He’s been in selection at West Ham United since yesterday,” he said, adding that he is likely to come within a day or two, “said source close to Ezra on Monday afternoon.

Ezra is not in possession of the club after the 19-year-old attacker decided not to renew his contract with Jong Ajax.

Some time ago, Ezra had followed the selection at Bolton Wanderers but he failed.

Because following the selection in Bolton, Ezra was not taken Luis Milla to follow U-23 Asia Cup 2018 qualifier, some time ago.

U-22 national team manager, Endri Erawan, had stated that Ezra will perform at the SEA Games 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which will begin on 14 August.

The Garuda Young Squad requires Ezra because of the limitations of pure attackers.

Ahmad Nur Hardianto will not be brought to the SEA Games because Persela Lamongan striker is estimated to have not recovered from a thigh injury.

Thus, the remaining stock of attackers is Marinus Mariyanto and Ezra Walian.

The task of the national team won medals in the SEA Games is not easy. Evan Dimas and his friends compete with Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Timor Leste, and the Philippines.

Owen: Coutinho Will Survive in Liverpool

Liverpool legend Michael Owen believes that Philippe Coutinho will not leave for Barcelona, ​​and will survive Link Alternatif Sbobet.

Neymar’s departure to PSG, making the Brazilian midfielder’s name championed as one of the players successor in Catalan. The Brazilian playmaker had just signed a new deal in January, and Owen saw no chance for the player to leave Anfield,

“The news circulating in Spain, clearly increasingly heats the fire. If the official transfer of Neymar happens, then speculation about Coutinho will definitely be more intensive, “said the former England striker told reporters.

“Not long ago, he was quite happy with us, and decided to press a long-term contract with the club. Since then, the club have managed to qualify for the Champions League, and have strengthened the team. ”

“I think they are doing a good job, by giving them long-term contracts. If the worst thing happens, then they can earn much money from selling him. But I do not see any chance for that to happen. ”

“Aside from Coutinho being unhappy, I see no other reason for the deal to happen. Many great players want to be able to pursue their career in Spain, and that is an unavoidable thing. But the duration of the contract from the player can certainly play an important role. “

Matip Explain The Tactics Of Klopp

Matip Explain The Tactics Of Klopp

Liverpool defender Joel Matip admitted that coach Jurgen Klopp applied a quick pressing strategy, building a specific attack on Anfield Situs Poker Online.

The Cameroon defender was brought in by Klopp in the summer of 2016/17. He underwent a brilliant debut season with Liverpool, and became one of the most important pieces in the Reds defense.

“From every player, he [Klopp] wants a quick counter-pressing, with a direct attack. But he also wants a neat game structure, with every player having specific roles. ”

“When we lost the ball, the first thing we had to do of course was to chase the ball instead of stepping back into our own penalty box.

“We have a very high line of defense. It all started with the strikers, which they will run in the chase of the ball, and give their best. ”

“It’s hard for me to describe the aura that Klopp has. He is a friendly and assertive person. Even when there is a problem going on, she will definitely finish in a polite and friendly manner.

“If you make a mistake, then he will surely tell you, but he will do it all with a friendly tone.”

Ross Barkley Think Join Manchester United


Ross Barkley Think Join Manchester United

Everton’s Ross Barkley opens his chances to get close to the Manchester United squad for the transfer market this summer.

Barkley is known to love Old Trafford, some scattered media claim, he will soon leave because he is still reluctant to renew his contract.

So far, there have been no statements or confirmations from either club, but Barkley’s decision did not extend predictably as he reluctantly survived.

But if on the Red Devils side reluctant to respond to the wishes of Barkley, he will try to find another solution, he tried to glance at Tottenham Hotspur.

Opponents PSM, Madura United Not Enhanced 2 Key Players

Opponents PSM, Madura United Not Enhanced 2 Key Players

Club Madura United will not be strengthened by two key players when facing PSM Makassar at Gelora Stadium Bangkalan, July 29, 2017 Judi Bola. Fabiano Beltrame and Peter Odemwingie are sidelined with a foot injury.

“Their legs are both swollen, now still undergoing physiotherapy for recovery,” said Madura United coach, Gomes de Oliviera, Wednesday (07/26/2017).

Seeing the condition of his injury, Gomes estimates Fabiano and Peter can not be played against the PSM because it leaves only three days before kick off.

The absence of Fabiano and Peter will obviously affect the team of sape kerrap troops. Fabiano who is believed to be the captain is a vital figure in the back line in stem the opponent’s attack.

So even Odemwingie figure, since joining Madura United, attack front-line power is dependent on him. Until the weekend of 16th, Odemwingie became the top scorer while with a collection of 13 goals.

The absence of Fabiano and Peter will obviously confuse the coach looking for a replacement especially a substitute for Odemwingie. After removing Baubacar Sanogo and Elthon Maran, Madura United players crisis up front.

Alternative Strategy

Gomes will likely make Greg Nwokolo the lone striker and play more midfielders like Bayu Gatra and Engelbed Sani to support Greg.

As for Fabiano’s successor, there is only one name of Munhar. In the 2014 ISC competition, Gomes always menduetkan Fabiano-Munhar. But the arrival of Fachrudin from Srivijaya made Munhar more inhabit the bench.

Conte believes Fabregas will become Chelsea’s key player

Conte believes Fabregas will become Chelsea’s key player

Antonio Conte, put great hopes on Cesc Fabregas. Although last season was rarely played, the former Juventus coach believes Fabregas will be the fulcrum for the Blues nicknamed squad to gain points next season.

Last season, the name of Fabregas is not always included in the starting line-up of Chelsea. 30-year-old player was only a reserve player at the beginning of the 2016-2017 season.

He was outclassed by N’golo Kante, and Nemanja Matic. But this season, Fabregas opportunity to return to the starting line-up re-open. Because, Eden Hazard who occupies the position of midfielder is still in the recovery phase. Conte is also likely to turn the Chelsea game scheme into a more attacking direction.

“He is a great player who can take the position of midfielder, but he can also play well in position number 10,” said Conte as reported Soccerway.

Conte also regards Fabregas as a great example for other players. Because, Fabregas has a commitment and have good behavior on the training session every day.

“He has to stay that way, because he works well for us,” Conte said.

Febregas also hopes to perform optimally this season. Moreover, next season Chelsea will appear in the Champions League after being absent last season.

“The manager said that this season is a long season with a lot of games we have to play, he needs all the players whenever he needs us, we are sure we will have more opportunities,” Fabregas said.

“Role” Buffon Behind Szczesny’s move to Juventus

“Role” Buffon Behind Szczesny’s move to Juventus

Wojciech Szczesny (27) revealed the main reason for joining Juventus. The goalkeeper redeemed from AS Roma with a 12.2 million euro dowry or around Rp 187 billion on Wednesday (07/19/2017) Judi Dadu.

“Juventus are a great team, a team that is always on the pitch to win,” Wojciech Szczesny told JTV on Wednesday (7/19/2017).

“I want a trophy, I want to be a champion, so I’m here,” Szczesny said.


This Polish passport goalkeeper will serve Juventus for four years.

Uniquely, the number one goalkeeper I Bianconeri, Gianluigi Buffon, “plays” in the move Szczesny.

“Yes, the existence of Gianluigi Buffon is also another factor because I want to grow There is no better chance to develop than to practice with Buffon,” said Szczesny.

“Buffon is the best goalkeeper in history, not just in the history of Italian football, but the history of world football, I want to be at Buffon level or at least approach it,” said Szczesny.

Speaking of rescue in Serie A, Italy’s highest-ranked caste, last season, Sczcesny (93) topped Buffon (61).

However, Szczesny has not once embraced the title in the State of Piza, both for clubs and individuals.

At Arsenal, his fate is still better by taking twice FA Cup and once Community Shield.

As for Buffon has very often won the Serie A (8 times) and won the Best Goalkeeper Serie A (11).

Strange! The referee said he would not give Valencia a Red Card from Mourinho Want to Do It

Strange! The referee said he would not give Valencia a Red Card from Mourinho Want to Do It

Jose Mourinho admitted he let Antonio Valencia at the referee referee from the field despite having a chance to replace him so he did not get a red card against Real Salt (17/7).

Valencia got a red card against Real Salt Lake City yesterday (17/7) after tackling Sebastian Saucedo from behind which makes the player must leave the field with a stick.

Before giving a red card to Valencia the referee who led the Allen Chapman match approached Jose Mourinho when Saucedo was receiving medical treatment midway through the second half and told Mou to replace him or he would be red-carded.

Although only in pre-season match referee step many considered weird because it is not in accordance with the “rules of the game”.

Mourinho values ​​Saucedo overplay

Mourinho himself refused the referee’s request to replace Valencia. He said: “The referee asked me to change players and I did not because I disagreed with the red card because I think Saucedo is really aggressive in the second half,” quoted from The Sun (17/7).

“Some of his actions are dangerous.”

“This is an enthusiastic player playing against Manchester United, but it’s a friendly and this is mentally different. But, it’s pre season, so it does not matter, ”

“It’s a great experience for us to play with less than one player.”

Goal Lukaku not important for Mourinho

Previously Saucedo had been playing roughly on Juan Mata to make this midfielder collapsed on the pitch and he would not play against Manchester City in Houston on Thursday (20/7) because his ankle sprained after the tackle.

Mourinho said: “The ankles are swollen eyes, but I hope this is not serious. A few days or maybe a week, ”

Romelu Lukaku scored his debut goal in this match which gave a 2-1 win for Manchester United.

Mourinho said: “I think that’s good for him, it does not matter to me.”

“Before he scored I told him: I love everything you do on the pitch. Do not worry about scoring goals or not scoring goals. “