Conte believes Fabregas will become Chelsea’s key player

Conte believes Fabregas will become Chelsea’s key player

Antonio Conte, put great hopes on Cesc Fabregas. Although last season was rarely played, the former Juventus coach believes Fabregas will be the fulcrum for the Blues nicknamed squad to gain points next season.

Last season, the name of Fabregas is not always included in the starting line-up of Chelsea. 30-year-old player was only a reserve player at the beginning of the 2016-2017 season.

He was outclassed by N’golo Kante, and Nemanja Matic. But this season, Fabregas opportunity to return to the starting line-up re-open. Because, Eden Hazard who occupies the position of midfielder is still in the recovery phase. Conte is also likely to turn the Chelsea game scheme into a more attacking direction.

“He is a great player who can take the position of midfielder, but he can also play well in position number 10,” said Conte as reported Soccerway.

Conte also regards Fabregas as a great example for other players. Because, Fabregas has a commitment and have good behavior on the training session every day.

“He has to stay that way, because he works well for us,” Conte said.

Febregas also hopes to perform optimally this season. Moreover, next season Chelsea will appear in the Champions League after being absent last season.

“The manager said that this season is a long season with a lot of games we have to play, he needs all the players whenever he needs us, we are sure we will have more opportunities,” Fabregas said.

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