Capital Away Record, Persib Optimistic Facing PSM Makassar

Capital Away Record, Persib Optimistic Facing PSM Makassar

Persib Bandung defender, Vladimir Vujovic, admitted quite optimistic his team can get maximum results when they travel to the headquarters PSM Makassar at Andi Mattalatta Stadium, Makassar, Sunday (15/10/2017).

The reason, despite winning five consecutive draws in League 1 competition, Persib has a classy record in the second round when the status as a guest.

Of the four matches, Persib successfully earned 6 points from one win when defeating Sriwijaya. Then three draws when dealing with Persiba Balikpapan, Persipura Jayapura and Arema FC.

“We have played well against Persipura (Jayapura), Sriwijaya (FC) and even against Persiba before we get our red card is a better team than Persiba We should have won 1-0 through penalty, but that was a strange decision.”

“I think against PSM Makassar we can prove a better and get maximum points in Makassar,” said Vujovic, Thursday (12/10/2017).

Vujovic still has confidence his team can still get better results than the current position is ranked 11th.

“Last season (Persib had stumbled, but the success of rising in the second round.We’ve done that, why not with the season now.We target to continue to get as many points in every game until the end of the season.Yes we’ll see,” Vujovic said.

Indonesia Vs Cambodia, Luis Milla Torehkan A New Note

Indonesia Vs Cambodia, Luis Milla Torehkan A New Note

The Indonesian national team temporarily took the lead over Cambodia by a score of 2-0 in the first round in a friendly match held at the Patriot Stadium on Wednesday (4/10/2017).

The first goal of Garuda’s squad was created Lerby Eliandry in the 31st minute. The FC Borneo striker scored with a header from Febri Hariyadi.

Three minutes later, turn to Rezaldi Hehanusa who listed his name on the scoreboard.

Lerby’s goal is a new record for Luis Milla when his team appeared in an international test match.

For the first time, the national team under Milla’s control could score from a corner football situation.

Not only that, the national team also for the first time scored two goals in the first half.

Previously, the national team was only able to score a goal in the first half against Myanmar and Cambodia.

This match is the fifth trial match for Milla since handling the national team.

Previously, Milla led the team against Myanmar (1-3), Cambodia (2-0), Puerto Rico (0-0) and Fiji (0-0).

Spasojevic Can not Treat Treatment

Spasojevic Can not Treat Treatment

Many praised the change of Bhayangkara FC against the second round of the League competition, one of them Thiago Furtuoso with Ilija Spasojevic in the attack line.

Expectations are proven. One goal and one assist booked Spaso in his debut match with Bhayangkara FC, while defeating Sriwijaya FC on Sunday (08/20/2017).

However, Simon McMenemy is reluctant to flatter too much. Bhayangkara FC coach did not give special privileges to Spaso.

“The arrival of Spaso actually baseball changed many previous patterns. Before he came, the team also went well. So why should change things that have been going well? “Said FC Bhayangkara coach Simon McMenemy, Friday (25/08/2017).

“Only, the arrival of Spaso did give effect to the team’s physical game because he has a strong physical. Instead of Thiago who used to run behind the opposing defender, Spaso was stronger in holding the ball, and could be more in support of other players’ games. So look at the game like a wall (reflector), “he said.

Simon was reluctant to give special treatment to Spaso. Although on the one hand, he still hopes, the former Malacca United striker can answer the challenge as a solution to the final problem experienced by the team during the first round melakoni.

“I hope the arrival of Spaso will be our solution to the finishing problem, because he is also a hard worker. He was imported not only for big salaries, but to help Indonesian football, “Simon said.

“Spaso knows he has to work hard. Because otherwise I would not hesitate to install Ilham (Udin Armayn) or Dendi (Sulistyawan), who I believe have the ability to play well (score goals), “he said.

In the next game, Bhayangkara FC will be hosted by Persegres Gresik United at Petrokimia Stadium, Gresik, Saturday (08/26/2017) night. Simon also has its own views, related venues that will be used in the game.

“I did not get closer to the pitch, but when viewed from above, it looks like the surface of the pitch is hard and can make the game difficult. However, I think it’s the same with another away game, so when playing away it is difficult, “said Simon.

Osvaldo Haay Refuses to be a Hero

Osvaldo Haay Refuses to be a Hero

U-22 national team midfielder Osvaldo Haay refused to be seen as the savior who prevented the team from defeating against Thailand in the 2017 SE Group Games’ first B match at Shah Alam Stadium on Tuesday (8/15/2017).

The match ended in a goalless draw. Indonesia lagged first in the first half by a goal created by Chaiwat Buran in the 14th minute.

The new Young Garuda squad can equalize through goals from Septian David from the penalty spot in the 61st minute. Referee Wang Di (China) pointed to a white spot after Osvaldo Haay violated the opponent.

Osvaldo stated that the mere goal of Indonesian wayang is not solely his contribution. According to Osvaldo, it was all because of the hard work of the team.

“The penalty was not my contribution, but it was the result of the hard work of all my friends in the field,” Osvaldo told on Wednesday (16/08/2017).

Furthermore, Indonesia will fight the Philippines at the Shah Alam Stadium on Thursday (17/08/2017). This match coincides with the 72nd Birthday of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

“For the next game, we focus and concentrate again to achieve maximum results.We ask the prayers of all Indonesian people,” said this Persipura Jayapura player.

Ezra Walian Selects at West Ham

Ezra Walian Selects at West Ham

Ezra Walian certainly can not follow the training camp of national team U-22 Indonesia on Monday (07/08/2017) at 16.00 pm.

That’s because the naturalized Dutch attacker is currently undergoing a trial in England.

“He’s been in selection at West Ham United since yesterday,” he said, adding that he is likely to come within a day or two, “said source close to Ezra on Monday afternoon.

Ezra is not in possession of the club after the 19-year-old attacker decided not to renew his contract with Jong Ajax.

Some time ago, Ezra had followed the selection at Bolton Wanderers but he failed.

Because following the selection in Bolton, Ezra was not taken Luis Milla to follow U-23 Asia Cup 2018 qualifier, some time ago.

U-22 national team manager, Endri Erawan, had stated that Ezra will perform at the SEA Games 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which will begin on 14 August.

The Garuda Young Squad requires Ezra because of the limitations of pure attackers.

Ahmad Nur Hardianto will not be brought to the SEA Games because Persela Lamongan striker is estimated to have not recovered from a thigh injury.

Thus, the remaining stock of attackers is Marinus Mariyanto and Ezra Walian.

The task of the national team won medals in the SEA Games is not easy. Evan Dimas and his friends compete with Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Timor Leste, and the Philippines.

Opponents PSM, Madura United Not Enhanced 2 Key Players

Opponents PSM, Madura United Not Enhanced 2 Key Players

Club Madura United will not be strengthened by two key players when facing PSM Makassar at Gelora Stadium Bangkalan, July 29, 2017 Judi Bola. Fabiano Beltrame and Peter Odemwingie are sidelined with a foot injury.

“Their legs are both swollen, now still undergoing physiotherapy for recovery,” said Madura United coach, Gomes de Oliviera, Wednesday (07/26/2017).

Seeing the condition of his injury, Gomes estimates Fabiano and Peter can not be played against the PSM because it leaves only three days before kick off.

The absence of Fabiano and Peter will obviously affect the team of sape kerrap troops. Fabiano who is believed to be the captain is a vital figure in the back line in stem the opponent’s attack.

So even Odemwingie figure, since joining Madura United, attack front-line power is dependent on him. Until the weekend of 16th, Odemwingie became the top scorer while with a collection of 13 goals.

The absence of Fabiano and Peter will obviously confuse the coach looking for a replacement especially a substitute for Odemwingie. After removing Baubacar Sanogo and Elthon Maran, Madura United players crisis up front.

Alternative Strategy

Gomes will likely make Greg Nwokolo the lone striker and play more midfielders like Bayu Gatra and Engelbed Sani to support Greg.

As for Fabiano’s successor, there is only one name of Munhar. In the 2014 ISC competition, Gomes always menduetkan Fabiano-Munhar. But the arrival of Fachrudin from Srivijaya made Munhar more inhabit the bench.