Guardiola: City Not Afraid with Anyone

Guardiola: City Not Afraid with Anyone

Coach Pep Guardiola, confirmed that at this time Manchester City are not afraid in the face of anyone Agen Bola Sbobet.

In addition to declaring it, Guardiola also added The Citizen is not afraid of the strength of Manchester United and Chelsea.

Guardiola considers the rivalry between his club as well as the Red Devil and the Blues are very tight, and only differ thinly with the acquisition of points in the Premier League.

But behind it all, Guardiola wants his squad to remain outstanding in every game.

In an interview, Guardiola said: “Chelsea has indeed performed superbly in Stoke City. While United also has five games without defeat. ”

“It was a wonderful thing. This is a very tough competition. They are all great teams. ”

“I do not want to compare them with City. We are now at the top of the standings. ”

“We want to keep this position. For that City must play extraordinary in every game. ”

“To always achieve victory and full points. And of course City is not afraid of whoever his opponent. “