Matip Explain The Tactics Of Klopp

Matip Explain The Tactics Of Klopp

Liverpool defender Joel Matip admitted that coach Jurgen Klopp applied a quick pressing strategy, building a specific attack on Anfield Situs Poker Online.

The Cameroon defender was brought in by Klopp in the summer of 2016/17. He underwent a brilliant debut season with Liverpool, and became one of the most important pieces in the Reds defense.

“From every player, he [Klopp] wants a quick counter-pressing, with a direct attack. But he also wants a neat game structure, with every player having specific roles. ”

“When we lost the ball, the first thing we had to do of course was to chase the ball instead of stepping back into our own penalty box.

“We have a very high line of defense. It all started with the strikers, which they will run in the chase of the ball, and give their best. ”

“It’s hard for me to describe the aura that Klopp has. He is a friendly and assertive person. Even when there is a problem going on, she will definitely finish in a polite and friendly manner.

“If you make a mistake, then he will surely tell you, but he will do it all with a friendly tone.”