How to Make a First Credit Card, What Must Look For?

How to Make a First Credit Card, What Must Look For?

Make a credit card in recent times has been viewed as one way to sustain a lifestyle that can help a person make payments for goods to meet the needs that can not be paid in cash. This view makes more parties want to have a credit card. No doubt, the submission of applications of customers flooded the banks credit card issuer. But if all will be approved? The answer is, not necessarily.

When the bank consider a request to approve or credit card applications, usually they will prioritize those who have had previous credit card. This is because the bank can determine the financial performance of someone who begs on the history of the credit card he had. So, when there is a request for the first credit card application from the agen sbobet casino employer or new workers, are usually harder.
Selection of the First Credit Card Issuer

Choosing Bank Your First Credit Card Issuer

Choosing Bank Your First Credit Card Issuer via

For those of you who want to make the first credit card application, do not be afraid when he realized that many banks are not willing to approve the application for the first time to register a credit card, for the reason that your credit history will be difficult verified. Relax, there are a lot of really bank that accepts credit cards first filing a full list of the first bank credit card providers can be read here. The banks include:

Maybank Indonesia (formerly Maybank BII)
Bank this one famous friendly to the workers who will make his first credit card. Provided that you have at least 21 years old and have an income of at least 3 million, petition your application will not be made complicated by BII. Maybank credit cards also have the advantage of the cashback at some supermarkets and gas stations when you perform a transaction with the credit card.

CIMB Niaga
Who could not be interested CIMB Niaga credit card that frees an annual fee for the first two years of ownership. That means that for two years, you just concentrate enough to pay the debt and interest, without having to think about the annual fee charged by the bank. Credit Card CIMB Niaga also easily applied by people who want to create a new credit card first. The main requirement is certainly aged 21-65 years, and has a salary slip or any proof of income along with a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

Bank Mega
If you want to use a credit card to support the purchase of daily necessities, or any items contained in supermarkets such as Carrefour, the Mega Bank credit card is the most appropriate choice. Is part of the Trans Corp, Bank Mega now has a partnership with Carrefour so you will get 10 percent extra pieces for each price of goods purchased. Interesting right? Terms for credit cards first at Bank Mega is also not difficult because this bank was never in doubt give credit cards to people, even to those who have never had a credit card before.